Audrey Issacson

Audrey Issacson

Our Practice Manager & Client Relations Guru

Audrey has 13+ years of experience managing behavioral health administration & billing. She is a naturally warm, compassionate, & efficient person, with a wonderful sense of humor. Audrey is the go-to person for all of our office needs and is beyond a crucial member of our team. She excels at her work, being personable and transparent in a way that is relatable. Audrey is passionate about her own growth, having gained her own deep insights and healing. She is knowledgeable about the field in general, and she deeply understands and has insight into our group’s offerings, services, interventions, and more. She has been a part of our team since the beginning. She has 3 beautiful children, and when not mothering young ones and doing such a fantastic job with us, she enjoys expanding spirtually, connecting with others, and having fun outdoors. Have questions, want to learn more, ready to move forward, whatever you need, Audrey is your contact person. Connect with her today!


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