Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a powerfully transformative, evidence-based model of psychotherapy. We believe the mind is naturally multiple and that is a good thing. Our inner parts contain valuable qualities and our core Self knows how to heal, allowing us to become integrated and whole. In IFS all parts are welcome.

IFS Therapy understands that our inner world may consist of wounded parts and painful emotions such as anger and shame, as well as parts of us that try to control and protect us from the pain. We may often experience inner conflict, and it is by tapping into and developing our core Self, a concept that describes the confident, compassionate, whole person that is at the core of every individual that can help bring the greatest healing and growth. IFS focuses on healing the wounded parts and restoring mental balance and harmony by changing the dynamics that create discord among our parts and the Self.

IFS is a movement. A new, empowering paradigm for understanding and harmonizing the mind and, thereby, larger human systems. One that can help people heal and helps the world become a more compassionate place.

We welcome all people of any age, race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, class, ability, language or cultural background to work together to heal. All parts of you are welcome here.

We stand by the the mission of IFS Institute to bring more Self leadership into this world.

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