DBT Skills Groups

DBT Skills Groups

DBT Skills Groups for Adults & Teens

Healing | Empowerment | Community

You Are Enough | Own Your Story

Groups are currently running ONLINE due to safety concerns!  We are running groups for Teens & Adults, and may have more times than on this site. We are opening new groups as needed so call us to get set up @ 720.516.8102.

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Teen Groups

| DBT skills Group – Saturdays 11:30am-1:00pm​

Adult Groups

|DBT Skills Groups: Tuesdays 1:30-3pm & 5:30-7pm

|Addictions DBT Skills Group: Tuesdays 7pm – 8pm

|Radically Open DBT Skills Group: Mondays 5:30pm-7pm

Learn Coping Skills​​​ ​​​​

  • Mindfulness & A Middle Path
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness & Social Connectedness
  • Emotion Regulation & Healthy Flexibility
  • Distress Tolerance & Compassion
  • Radical Openness & Self-Acceptance

What To Expect​​

Mind | Body | Heart

Nonjudgemental | Supportive | Skills-based | Trauma-Informed​ | Mindful Practices |​ Latest Research | Transformative

About DBT Skills Groups

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is an empirically validated and widely popular mindful, cognitive, and acceptance based approach that incorporates skills training and individual therapy to help clients increase motivation, manage stress, regulate emotional experiences and decrease unwanted behaviors. The goal is to make LIFE WORTH LIVING. This approach is dialectical, helping to break all or none thinking with a balanced Middle Path. Check out more about ALL components of DBT Therapy.

DBT Skills Groups are an evidence based treatment that has made a significant impact on lives across the world, being one of the most researched and empirically validated therapies used today. DBT Skills Groups are ideal for those clients who struggle with impulsivity, anxiety, mood swings, outbursts, being more expressive, feeling out of control of their emotions, and using destructive behaviors as an attempt to regulate emotions.

Radically Open DBT Skills Groups is a new evidence based treatment targeting excessive self control, often referred to as overcontrol (OC). It is supported by 20 years of clinical experience and translational research. This group is ideal for those clients that struggle with social anxiety, perfectionism, rigidity in their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, are less expressive, more inhibited, and restricted with themselves (and possibly others), and/or have a tendency towards isolation.

Trauma-Informed Groups

Core understanding that what happens to us unconsciously drives unwanted symptoms & behaviors

  • Supportive, encouraging, & compassionate
  • Effective coping skills and resources
  • No judging. No forcing
  • Validation is essential to healing​​
  • Trauma Informed Skills Training
  • Felt sense of safety
  • Deep processing is for individual therapy, not group
  • Attachment & social repairing done in real time
  • Building shame resiliency
  • Normalization effect within group

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