Unique consultation combining EMDR, IFS, Parts Work  & DBT Resourcing.

Let’s Expand Therapeutic Horizons Together!

My approach is always easy-going and non judgmental. I combine EMDR, DBT, IFS, Theory of Structural Dissociation, Energy Work & Attachment therapy to provide unique resourcing and preparation for processing, as well as to enhance the embodiment of emotional material to support deep healing during all phases of treatment. Supporting therapists in staying grounded and in their own growth is also fundamental!

Learn more about my experience and training here. Stacy Ruse, LPC, EMDRIA Approved Consultant provides affordable, convenient, and highly effective online consulting groups and individual consultation.

Online EMDR Consultation Groups

Register Below! 2020 Schedule 

EMDR Online Consult Group – Expansion & Certification ($65 – 2 hrs)

Fri Jan 17 10am-noon MST
Fri Feb 21 10 am-noon MST
Fri Mar 20 10am-noon MST
Fri April 17 10am-noon MST
Fri May 15 10am-noon MST
Fri June 19 10am-noon MST
Fri Jul 17 10am-noon MST
Fri Aug 21 10am-noon MST
Fri Sept 18 10am-noon MST
Fri Oct 16 10am-noon MST
Fri Nov 20 10am-noon MST
Fri Dec 18 10am-noon MST

CIT Online Consult Group – Consultants in Training ($75 – 90 mins)

Fri Jan 17 12:30-2pm MST
Fri Feb 21 12:30-2pm MST
Fri Mar 20 12:30-2pm MST
Fri April 17 12:30-2pm MST
Fri May 15 12:30-2pm MST
Fri June 19 12:30-2pm MST
Fri Jul 17 12:30-2pm MST
Fri Aug 21 12:30-2pm MST
Fri Sept 18 12:30-2pm MST
Fri Oct 16 12:30-2pm MST
Fri Nov 20 12:30-2pm MST
Fri Dec 18 12:30-2pm MST

Individual EMDR Consultation

Complex Trauma & IFS-Informed EMDR Consultation ($140 hr)
PTSD, Dissociation, Eating Disorders, Anxiety, & Borderline

Open to anyone who is looking to effectively work with the spectrum of complex trauma and beyond. As an EMDRIA Approved Consultant, I can provide all consultation hours towards all levels.

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About EMDR Group Consultation

  • Present case materials
  • IFS-Informed EMDR Therapy
  • Creative handouts & learning materials
  • Application of AIP 8 phase model
  • Understanding of trauma-informed EMDR
  • Knowledge of complex & difficult cases
  • Meets EMDRIA Certification, & Consultant Level Requirements

825 Delaware Ave #206
Longmont, CO 80501

(720) 526-8102

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