The Benefits of Being an Empowered and Sensitive Human Being

On Why Being an Empath is a Strength and How to Be an Empowered Sensitive Person. We love empaths. We are empaths. We understand it can be hard to be an empath in this polarized world. What does being an Empath mean? To us, we are all empaths at some level; however, there is a continuum that ranges from being...[ read more ]

How You Can Relieve Trauma, Addiction, Anxiety, and More with EMDR Therapy

In a previous article, we talked about what EMDR therapy is, how it works, and how it helps. Now,  we're going to dive deeper into EMDR therapy. Because it's an interactive therapy technique, it's effective when dealing with upsetting events because your attention is redirected. Painful or traumatic memories can cause powerful psychological responses. However, using EMDR over time proves...[ read more ]

Weaving Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) into EMDR Therapy to Enhance Resourcing and Adaptive Processing

Being a Dialectical Behavioral Therapist since 2012, and after running DBT Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), weekly groups, and meeting with individuals for years, I have mastered the DBT lingo and skills. However, I wholeheartedly and intuitively know that this is not actually the magic of DBT.  And yes, there is a magic and art to DBT, in fact, those who...[ read more ]

Mindfulness Skills that Help You Overcome Anxiety & Depression


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) utilizes mindfulness skills that are proven to help you regulate, manage, and overcome overwhelming feelings, emotions, and thoughts that lead to anxiety, anger outbursts, and depression. Mindfulness Skills to the Rescue The skills 'Oberve' and 'Describe' are core mindfulness skills from DBT therapy that when practiced, help you increase your tolerance and resiliency to distressing emotions....[ read more ]

Anger, Resentment, Anxiety: How to Release and Accept Them and Forgive


Anger is a stepping-stone to forgiveness. It is natural and appropriate for you to feel frustrated and angry at certain times. And many of you are feeling irritability and anger bubble to the surface, maybe even more so, currently in our world. Let us show you how to release anger, resentment, and anxiety, accept them and forgive. Learning how to...[ read more ]

How to Feel More Joy and Release Anxiety

We Are All Meant to Feel Joy And if there was ever a time, we need this more, it is now. Every time we turn around there is something traumatizing happening and the world is traumatized right now. Even with this being true, there is also (paradoxically) a lot of hope, change, and awakening happening, so let’s capitalize on this...[ read more ]

How to Talk to Children About Gender, Inclusivity, Sexuality, and LGBTQIA+


The world is calling for more inclusive and compassionate ways to communicate and understand the full spectrum of gender, sexuality, and relationship preferences. Let's explore what "inclusion" means - it is about welcoming, accepting, and advancing a diverse mix of peoples. It is imperative that as a parent, teacher, counselor, or anyone caring for children that we expand our knowledge...[ read more ]

Caregiver Burnout Leads to Anxiety & Depression and How to Get the Support You Need


Are you responsible for caring for parents, elders, children, or other family members, and/or you work in a caregiving career such as teaching, counseling, nursing, bodywork, and/or more?  If so, yes, you are a caregiver. Research has shown that roughly 80% of long-term care needs are provided by family members rather than outside services. Many caregivers are helping parents while...[ read more ]

Gratitude, Compassion, and other Important Practices that Improve Your Wellbeing & Mental Health


We live in a society that seems obsessed with physical health and weight loss. A majority of people have tried one or more diets to lose weight. People join gyms, juice, and take supplements, all in an effort to optimize their physical health. Sadly, most people don’t give their mental health a second thought and don't dedicate enough time and...[ read more ]

Powerful Boosting Super Foods for Better Mental Health & Immunity


Our immune systems are integral to our overall well-being. Whether we are looking to improve our mental, physical, and/or energetic health, the immune system plays a key role. And having to grapple with Covid-19 has only made us more aware of the importance of building stronger immune systems and focusing on improving our overall health. As a psychotherapist, whole-body health...[ read more ]

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