DBT Skills Heal Chronic Dissociation & Depersonalization

Chronic Dissociative Experiences Depersonalization is a common type of dissociative experience that DBT therapy can do wonders with to decrease unwanted symptomatology. Chronic depersonalization, likely being the most common form of dissociation, is often found in most anxiety and trauma-related disorders. Many people are NOT aware that they are experiencing depersonalization, and DBT Skills can help people become more mindful...[ read more ]

Group EMDR (G-TEP) Gently Heals Trauma Symptoms

Group EMDR (G-TEP)

What is Group EMDR or G-TEP (Group Traumatic Episode Protocol)?  This protocol can help to build resiliency in those who have experienced recent trauma or an ongoing trauma episode. The goal is to reduce the distress that surrounds a recent traumatic episode. Research has shown the use of bilateral stimulation can decrease the onset of PTSD, depression, anxiety, substance use,...[ read more ]

Supporting LGBTQIA+ Community and Being an Ally

We can all make a difference, even in small ways, to help uplift, support, and be an ally for LGBTQIA+ and other marginalized communities. We believe in empowering and advocating for ALL persons and beings and supporting marginalized groups by standing up against systemic bias and oppression for LGBTQIA+ and ultimately for everyone. We believe in more inclusion, and that...[ read more ]

DBT Group Therapy for Healing From Narcissistic Relationships

Have you come to understand that your ex is a raging narcissist, or at least became that way in the stress of ending the relationship? Maybe you are in a toxic or codependent relationship currently, or you are mindful enough to see, and admit, that you fell into some narcissistic behaviors yourself. Do you find that you are highly empathic,...[ read more ]

DBT Skills Increase Self-Compassion and Self-Acceptance


How DBT Skills Help Us Be More Self-Compassionate DBT skills, such as those found in our DBT Skills Groups, help us be more accepting and compassionate towards ourselves, and inevitably others.  Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, or also called 'DBT therapy' can be done in groups or individually. Either way, it gives it offers doable and accessible skills that help us develop...[ read more ]

Themes of the Heart. Learning More Compassion for Self & Others Copy


Although felt in the body and the mind, the energy states and emotional experience of peace and self-compassion are a truly internal transformation of the heart center, or what some of us may call spirit. Being more self-compassionate and self-accepting allows us to open our hearts more fully. As a therapist, it has been astonishing to see how difficult this...[ read more ]

The Benefits of Being an Empowered and Sensitive Human Being

We love empaths. We are empaths. We understand it can be hard to be an empath, or a highly sensitive person, in this polarized world. What does being an empath mean? To us, we are all empaths and highly sensitive persons at some level; however, there is a continuum that ranges from being completely unconscious to being an empath, all...[ read more ]

EMDR Therapy Heals Trauma and Relieve Anxiety

In a previous article, we talked about what EMDR therapy is, how it works, and how it helps. Now, we're going to dive deeper into EMDR therapy. Because it's an interactive therapy technique, it's effective when dealing with upsetting events because your attention is redirected. Painful or traumatic memories can cause powerful psychological responses. However, using EMDR over time proves...[ read more ]

Weaving Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) into EMDR Therapy to Enhance Resourcing and Adaptive Processing

Being a Dialectical Behavioral Therapist since 2012, and after running DBT Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), weekly groups, and meeting with individuals for years, I have mastered the DBT lingo and skills. However, I wholeheartedly and intuitively know that this is not actually the magic of DBT.  And yes, there is a magic and art to DBT, in fact, those who...[ read more ]

Mindfulness Skills Help Overcome Anxiety & Depression


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) utilizes mindfulness skills that are proven to help you regulate, manage, and overcome overwhelming feelings, emotions, and thoughts that lead to anxiety, anger outbursts, and depression. Mindfulness Skills to the Rescue The skills 'Oberve' and 'Describe' are core mindfulness skills from DBT therapy that when practiced, help you increase your tolerance and resiliency to distressing emotions....[ read more ]

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