Adolescent Therapy

Adolescent Therapy

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It is not always clear if professional help is needed for teens. Adolescents will test limits and break rules in their struggle for autonomy and separation from parents. Commonly, teens start to withdraw from parents, become more sullen, arrogant, temperamental and more challenging to live with. We recommend getting psychotherapeutic help when you notice troubling behaviors or emotional distresses that persist over time. Watch for:

  • Suicidal ideation/actions, self-harm, or destructive behaviors
  • Severe mood swings or panic attacks
  • Persistent depressed mood
  • Substance abuse
  • Decline in academics or truancy at school
  • Defiance and disregard for parental limits
  • Hair pulling, excessive skin picking, or unusual rituals
  • Decrease in self-esteem and increase in negative self-statements
  • Increase in risky behaviors: speeding, fighting at school, or promiscuity
  • Prolonged isolation or social rejection from peers
  • References or gesture to harm oneself or others
  • Inability to communicate and express feelings
  • Major life transitions (moving, separation, abandonment, death, etc.)
  • Teen expresses desire for therapy

Parents may want to consult with us initially before involving the teenager. We also offer parenting support, individual &/or family therapy, and skills groups for teens & adults. When working with teens, it is essential work to create a climate of trust, spontaneity, and openness. Teenagers respond best when they feel listened to and learning to talk candidly is essential for teens to find her or his way toward autonomy and self-respect. Psychotherapy provides a confidential and reliable place where teens can experiment with self-expression and begin to understand their feeling so that they can begin to discover what they want in this life.

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