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Our Mission

To counsel, teach, and guide clients and the community towards Body | Mind | Heart wellness. To live more fully and authentically, by providing evidence-based psychotherapy, psychoeducation, and mindful practices that interweave with ancient wisdom to promote personal growth and transformation.

Our Core Values


Conscious mental health is holistic in nature, considering body, mind, and spirit as cornerstones to healing and wellness. As such, we provide quality, compassionate, and evidence-based counseling services that are individualized to meet each client’s needs.


Nonjudgmental, empathic, and conscious counseling services are essential. We are dedicated to creating an environment where we listen to our clients carefully and without preconceptions, so clients feel heard and validated.


We believe in offering a safe, welcoming, and affirming environment for ALL clients and worldviews. We seek to foster a diverse community of safety, inclusiveness, and respect. And passionately strive to provide, and promote in the world at large, that ALL persons’ should be able to obtain quality, compassionate, conscious, and evidence-based care.


We believe in the betterment of mental health services for today and well into the future. We invest in offering conscious and relevant solutions for our world’s youth. Staying abreast in the needs of an evolving world and supporting our upcoming generation by providing deep healing opportunities to enhance their success in meaningful ways.

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