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About Me
My approach combines modern psychotherapeutic practices with ancient healing wisdoms. Interweaving mindfulness, trauma therapy, somatic psychology, energy medicine, attachment theory, and neurobiology.  I am a Texas licensed psychotherapist, a Certified EMDR therapist, and an intenstively trained DBT therapist. I also hold certification in yoga and meditation instruction, Spirt Junkie Master Class Level 1, and am trained in Internal Family Systems, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Exposure therapies.

I live in Austin, TX with my loving family, consisting of my husband, son, dog, and cat!!!!  

Specialized Trainings
IFS 6 mos Intensive Circle Part2 (2017-2018)
Advances in Treatment of Trauma-NICABM (2017)
How to Work w/ Shame-NICAMB (2017)
Spirit Junkie Mast Cert Lv 1-Gabrielle Bernstein (2017)
IFS 6mos Intensive Circle Part1. R Schwartz (2017)
Energy Medicine Yoga. Lauren Walker (2017)
Living Yoga Conference. Yoga International (2017)
EMDR & Eating Disorders 1&2. EMDRIA (2017)
Energy Healing Summitt. SoundsTrue (2017)
EMDR. Early Protocol. EMDRIA. S. Paulson (2017)
EMDR Consultant In Training. EMDRIA (2016/17)
Self-Compassion. Kristin Neff & Brene Brown (2016)
EMDR Trauma Spiritual Transformation. EMDRIA (2016)
Yoga of Awakening- Seane Corn (2016)
Ayureveda Health Conference. Yoga International (2016)
EMDRIA 5-day Conference (2016)
EMDR. Looking Through the Eyes. EMDRIA (2016)
Gifts of Imperfection- Brene Brown (2016)
EMDR & Borderline Personality. EMDRIA (2016)
Yoga International Spring Conference (2016)
EMDR & Mindfulness. PESI (2015)
Somatic Experiencing Training SETI (2015)
Somatic Experiencing. Peter Levine (2015)
EMDR Consulting. R. Levingson.J. Madre (2015-Current)
EMDR Trained Therapst Completed (2014)
Prolonged Expsoure therapy Intensive. PENN (2014)
Advanced DBT Trainging. PESI (2014)
Self-injury & Suicidal Behavior TRaining. ACA. (2013)
ACT for Trichotillomania. ACA (2013)
DSM VTraining Series 1 & 2. ACA (2013)
Depressions Series. ACA (2013)
Extensive DBT training. Bridging Hope Counseling (2012/13)
Extensive ERP training. Dr. Devine (2012/13)
DBT Intensive 1 & 2. DBT Associaties (2012)
Narrative Therapy Intensive. Kenwood Center (2012)
Healing Touch Level 1. St. Mary's University (2004)
Yoga Certification (2000); Advanced Trainings (2000-current)