DEAR MAN is an interpersonal effectiveness skill to use when we want to get an objective met. It is an assertiveness skill that breaks passive aggressive patterns.      

Goal:  Meet Your Objective

·      Describe the current situation

·      Express your feelings and opinions about situation

·      Assert yourself by asking for what you want, or saying “No” clearly

·      Reinforce or reward the person ahead of time: explain consequences

·      Mindfully keep your focus on your objectives: don’t be distracted

·      Appear confident and effective: good eye contact, no stammering

·      Negotiate: be willing to give to get

DEAR MAN Language Help Describe – short 
Description             I notice……..

Express – Opinion/Feeling                I feel………….

Assert – What you are asking for      I need………………. Or I want……….  (“I” statements)

Reinforce- What they will gain         If you do ________________, then _______________



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Thanks for sharing this Dear Man. This is a good phrase to memorize when I want to achieve a goal. Reaching a goal is important for us to be successful. One must learn to have the right attitude when achieving something. This is a very helpful post.


The objective is like a goal, but the difference here is that objectives are much more easier and specific to measure. This is really important, especially if the person wants to achieve something in particular. I think this is an effective thing. Just by looking at this one DEAR MAN. Well the shortcut for it makes it a bunch easier to understand. I think this is really going to be successful and helpful to students or anyone who have to make objectives.

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Health is very important for every person, you cannot make your body healthy when your mind is in stress or depressed and when you find that you are not happy then talk with your family and friends and make communication.

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Nice post!

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