Do you, or your loved one, experience flashbacks?

Most of us understand a flashback as being a memory w/ images & pictures. It is important to understand that flashbacks are any of the following emotional content coming up intrusively:

·      Body Memories (Body Sensations)

·      Sudden Emotions/Feelings

·      Auditory Memories

·      Racing, Paranoid, or Obsessive Thinking

·      Pictures, images, symbols

·      Nightmares

·      Sudden Somatic Experiences: pain, loss of sight, paralysis, fainting, etc.



02/08/2017 9:44pm

There are certain random things that cause me to have emotional flashbacks. Whether it is the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, which brings me back to the day my ex boyfriend made me breakfast or the smell of wet lilies that brought me back to my childhood. I must say that the feeling is quite nostalgic and touching.


The number one type of flashback I often experience is those sudden emotions/feelings. It occurs whenever I hear a song, or whenever I go to a certain place. Those moments are so nostalgic and sometimes I want to have a time machine and go back to that moment. Whenever I have a flashback, it plays on my mind as if I see the clear picture of the certain moment. Memories are not just experiences, it is an extreme feeling.


My emotional flashbacks literally come out of nowhere and I find it so hard to understand them. I have realized with help that this has been something I have had for years. They have. Got so much worse though in the last year or so. I need counselling and need to talk about things but this is something I’m not quite ready for and being on a waiting list is fine with me. I have written a bit about my past which has helped a bit, but being able to say word aloud and not to feel the intense emotions that they bring up would be amazing. Thank you so much for writing about this topic!


Emotional flashbacks? Hmm, I haven't heard about them before. It's a nice post.


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