The Acceptance Skills are often the most difficult. “Willingness” is a skill that helps us move toward “Radical Acceptance”. “Willingness” is being willing, or open, to doing something that might be difficult, because it is what is needed.  Wise Mind opens us up to being more willing in our lives. 

The purpose is to transform stubbornness and denial that keeps us stuck, into “Willingness” to participate, to move forward, and to do the hard, but helpful work, we need.

Do what is needed for the situation you are dealing with.  Open yourself up to being willing.

Try “Willing Hands”:  If your body and mind feel rigid or stuck, open the top of your palms up fully and place upwards on your lap.  Then take a few deep breathes.  Take a moment to “Observe” if you feel more willing.



02/08/2017 5:01am

Willingness is indeed a skill that everyone must possess. In whatever situation that we are in, we must be open to do any task that is assigned to us. No matter how difficult it is, for the sake of the people that are relying on us, we could be able to do it. We should not be afraid to do new things that may expose us to learning. Anyway, thank you for sharing your interesting thoughts, have a good day!


I believe that one of the formulas of success is the willingness to work. If your heart is in what you are doing, you will surely enjoy what you are doing and at the same time, you will excel at it. Willingness allows us to think of better ways on how we can make our works effectively and efficiently. I believe that willingness is something that will bring us satisfaction in our lives.

03/15/2017 2:35am

Obviously, the collection of a writer must be a bundle of creativity. New ideas of writing become the reason of success. It makes your work worthwhile. Everyone wants to praise your writing because they bound by creativity.


Great observation! In my perspective, willingness is a word that might not be given much importance to, but as I read your short yet meaningful article, I realized that there are a lot of hidden skills that individuals have to develop in order to become a fulfilled person not necessarily for the world but for oneself. What I like about your description of the skill is that willingness is not only shown when you volunteer to do something because you know that the work or situation is within your comfort zone but rather willingness should be shown and done even in the most different and difficult tasks or situations which l agree, leads us to accepting the reality, no matter how painful it is. Thank you for actually acknowledging me that willingness is actually an acceptance skill and is difficult to do but will surely try work on this skill as well.


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