“Intense Sensations” is a Distress Tolerance skill to use when you are feeling intense emotions. It is especially good to use with panic, anger, disgust, & jealousy.  Yet, it can also be used with other emotion’s. The premise is that it tricks the brain to go to the new “Intense Sensation” and therefore the brain shifts and stops sending out messages for the unwanted emotional experience. This will not take the emotion away entirely, but will bring it down enough that you can better manage the emotion, OR enough so you don’t act out.

Safe Intense Ideas

·      Put ice cubes in hand; hold until you can’t anymore

·      Put 1 or 2 Warhead candies in your mouth

·      Use COLD water on hands & face

·      Short burst of Intense exercise

·      Put a lime or lemon wedge in your mouth

·      Put an atomic bomb candy in your mouth (must be intense)

·      Put a Jalapeno in your mouth

·      Put a “VERY Strong” mint in your mouth

·      Put pop rocks candy in your mouth



02/15/2017 11:25am

This is indeed interesting. I'm a calm person but I really want to learn this skill. I'll definitely recommend this trick to a friend of mine who's always hot-headed. Haha. She really needs this so she can manage her emotions effectively. I hope it works on her. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. Keep blogging!

08/02/2017 12:43am

Thank you for all of these tips! I am in dire need of these tips right now because I always find myself so stressed because of work. I am a workaholic person even when I am at home, I am working. I know that you're not supposed to bring work at home, but I can't help it because I want to be able to be ahead of my co-workers. I want everything to be perfect, so I don't like to leave things unfinished. I guess that's the reason why I am so stressed out. I never get to do anything that I enjoy and love because I am always burdened with a lot of work. I hope these tips will work because I badly need them.


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