GIVE helps us…

·      Communicate needs effectively

·      Maintain important relationships

·      Promote healthy communication

·      Improves relationship

Gentleness – Be nice. Be Respectful. No attacks, threats, judging or sneering

Interest – Listen and appear interested. Don’t interrupt. Patience

Validate – Show you understand. Support. Empathy (be in their shoes)

Easy manner – Humor. Softness. No attitude.  Let go of being right

Consider:  how do I want the other person to feel about me after our communication?



02/26/2017 5:26am

This article is very informative for live with best communication. Soft attitude and best communication has great importance in our life. Without healthy relation we can not make our life peaceful.


You mentioned about validation. Validation is very important in building lasting relationships. We desire to be validated. We want our feelings to be recognized as reasonable. I've been reading articles about validation.

02/27/2017 5:56am

I really like this blog. I like how you 'GIVE' us some advices for us to make a better person. Like this, I know that is we do 'GIVE (C)' it will really help us in our everyday and social life. Please continue sharing your advice with us. Thank you and I am looking forward for your next advice!

04/10/2017 7:59am

Thanks for this information... Love to read your articles.

06/09/2017 4:46am

This article helps us to have a good week and a peaceful week. Thanks for giving us some tips to be a good man and women. I think I need to change my attitude and change with GIVE C. Thanks again for sharing it with us. Keep on blogging!


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