Learning to Self-Soothe is instrumental in learning how to balance our automatic nervous system. In my practice this is one of the skills most of my clients’ fall deficient in.  It sounds easy enough, do something soothing. We may even say to ourselves, “I get it”, BUT DO YOU know how to soothe yourself in a positive way without escaping, avoiding, denying, repressing, or overly expressing?

We are NOT born knowing how to soothe; we learn it from the environment around us. If we did not properly learn this in the first 7 years of life, we are deficient until we build this skill. Also, there are things that can happen to us at any age that can create a sense of losing this skill.

In DBT it is an essential Distress Tolerance skill. Just as the senses can arose our emotions, they can also soothe our emotions. Use the 5-Senses to Soothe your nervous system. Find things (without consequences) under each category (Sight, Hearing, Smelling, Touching, & Tasting) that are Soothing to you; use them train or retrain your brain to relax.  Build a Self Soothe kit for yourself and use it.  



02/06/2017 4:44pm

I need to learn this self soothing method! I have to be honest, I'm an over thinker. A pessimist, most of the times. I can't help but to think of the worst event that might happen after I fall into a decision. This self soothing method could help my tired nerves relax for sure. I have been reading articles online and books on how to de-stress yourself from the issues in the society right now. I have grown tired looking for a solution. Luckily I found this blog! I will definitely follow your instructions. Thank you for sharing this post.

02/22/2017 2:02am

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04/10/2017 7:03pm

This blog is really a great help. Nowadays, I am still struggling on how to soothe myself. Self-soothe is quite hard, especially if we are on the pick of our stress or problems. Sometimes soothing can be drinking alcoholic drinks or anything because they think it is one of the easiest way to soothe and get away with everything. Building self-soothe kit is one of the struggles that I want to build.

03/02/2017 11:57am

Hmm, it's a pretty interesting practice. I definitely should try that someday.

05/08/2017 5:43am

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