Coping skill of the week: OBSERVE. This is a Mindfulness skill that is easy to explain and yet harder than you think to apply. It is one of the most important skills, becuase it leads us towards other skills, self-regulation, and new insights. OBSERVE is to simply to notice. Take notice and be curious w/ observing your internal experiences: feelings, emotions, body sensations, thoughts, judgments, urges. 

OBSERVE externally with your senses, what do you see, hear, taste, smell, and touch? 

A great practice is to OBSERVE when you notice an emotion arise. What do you notice??????


02/01/2017 9:45pm

Observation is important to be practiced internally and externally. We must be observant about the actions and attitudes of the people around us. Through that we can gain knowledge and insights. We must not also forget to be observant to our own emotions, reactions and behavior. It can lead us to become a better person.

05/23/2017 1:34am

True! After reading your article, I found it to be a fact that observing may seem easy when heard but equally hard to apply. I think that observations can be done in numerous things and ways and can actually lead an individual to finding conclusions and taking further actions. I have to agree with you that observations start with self/ internally and then the external factors come because until an individual does not understand oneself, he/ she won't be able to understand others. Observation can also help individuals discover their new self whether it would be values, talents, attitudes, etc. and this can lead to success. Thanks for sharing something that is short yet very unique and very true.


Observe more! It's very good advice! Look wider!

08/06/2017 2:54am

I'm trying to observe as much as I can. And catch up inspiration!


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