FAST is an acronym for an interpersonal skill that helps us uphold our self-respect. We use FAST when we feel taken advantage of, someone is overstepping our personal boundaries, and when our self–respect is on the line. F – be Fair

A – no Apologies

S – Stick to your values

T – be Truthful

Be fair to yourself and the other person(s).  No apologizes, this is the not the time to apologize… this may be an opposite action for you.  Stick to your values. Do you know your top 5 values?  Be Truthful, this is when we lie or fabricate or omit stuff, because we feel shame or fear or guilt.  Your truth is good enough and is IMPORTANT!



02/06/2017 1:51am

This is what I need right now. I've been struggling for so long trying to look for myself in the darkness that has been circling my whole existence. Yes, I should be fair to myself. I should free myself from the guilt I didn't deserve. I should not apologize for something I didn't do. I should refrain from doing things against my principles, my values. I am more than that. I should stop lying to them and tell them the truth about me who had nothing to do with what happened. Seems like an easy task, but no, I feel like a failure.


True! At first I thought that the skill of the week is literally the word "fast" but as I read the acronyms, I found it very interesting and as I finished reading the article, It sounded very true to me based on my experience. I was once a person who used to let my grade school classmates take advantage of my silence and do the work I did not volunteer for and even bully me sometimes, but as I grew mature enough to know that it was not justified, I stood up for myself and learned to say "no". I think that this skill of the week is certainly not selfish and people should work on it in order to maintain self-esteem and self-respect. I believe that one must learn to respect oneself first in order to respect others. I had learned to say "no" but now I will not apologize for it and will always be truthful and fair, in short, I will be FAST. We never realize these skills we had in ourselves or we tend to forget practicing them, but you have reminded your readers that these skills are very important as human being and for that thank you for sharing.

02/11/2017 2:38am

I apologize to someone who deserve my apologies. I respect my principle in life. If someone is overstepping my personal boundaries, I'd let them know. My mom raised me a very competitive woman that's why many of my friends respect me. I hate people talking on my back and making a rumors on my family. I love my family and myself. Thank you for giving this skill, It helps me to be more watchful if someone is taking advantage of my kindness.


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