Radical Healing 
Mind, Body, Heart healing that promotes transformation and embodiment of emotional experiences. 
Prevent | Manage | Overcome
Talk therapy and cognitive strategies are often not enough to break the cycles of of debilitating anxiety, panic attacks, obsessional thinking, disordered eating, bingeing, purging, self-harm, suicidal thoughts and attempts, other compulsive and addictive behaviors, emotional outbursts, unresolved grief or rage, flashbacks, dissociation, and/or chronic depression and etc. 
Compassion | Courage | Wisdom
I am intensively trained in Eye Movement Densentization Reprocessing (EMDR certified), Dialectical Beahvioral Therapy (DBT), and Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy. I utilze these empirically effective tools as my main modes of therapy. I am also fully trained in Prolonged Exposure and Exposure Ritual Prevention therapies, as well as a certified yoga and mindfulness instructor with 20 years of mindfulness study and practice. My approach combines modern psychotherapeutic practices with ancient healing wisdoms. Interweaving mindfulness, trauma therapy, somatic psychology, ego states research, attachment theory, and neurobiology.